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Queen Dyna Projects LLC

Queen Dyna Projects LLC, Queen Dyna Projects was established in 2009, by Dara Owens aka (Queen Dyna) based in Detroit, Michigan. Queen Dyna Projects is a production, publishing and development company. We have produced 5 legal United States Economic Development Organizations including: Queens Environmental LLC, Detroiters United Radio Broadcast, QDP Expressions, and The Music Business Chicago. The company’s most successful product is radio/television and online media, broadcasting, music and talk shows such as Detroiters United Radio Broadcast and Power Talk w/ Queen Dyna. We have assisted several artists, entertainers, and businesses get their word out through becoming sponsors and members of our broadcasting products.

Queen Dyna Projects LLC has been creating the performing arts for 10 years. Publishing and producing artists such as Queen Dyna, and The Beautiful Warrior. We have also published, presented , and produced several live stage performances such as The Goddess MC, Living The Love Song, and many more performances which can be found on our Youtube Channel: Queen Dyna Projects Productions.

Queen Dyna Projects LLC touches the world with our Productions, Published Works, Literature Arts, Spoken Word Arts, Visual Arts, Events and much more. Queen Dyna Projects LLC is connected to prominent businesses and organizations across The United States, such as Paystyle Records Inc, P.O.E.T International, WHPR/TV33 and all of The businesses listed on the sponsorship board for I AM A Detroiter.

The CEO Queen Dyna and the Projects team is committed to inspiring the youth, and families from Michigan, Illinois, Nevada, The United States, Canada and Africa. We have literally and digitally touched all the nations globally by producing and publishing inspiration, encouragement and empowerment in economics, education, and arts developments.

Our organization accepts donations. If you would like to support our mission by donating, we accept monetary and in-kind donations. Please visit our Events Page and make your donation through our Secure PayPal link. We will announce your business on our live radio platforms on WHPR/ TV33. If you would like to view the live show 



Queen Dyna Projects mission is to assist artist in developing their talents, and to build cultural bridges through literature and various artistic expression.